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Our key strength has been our research-based approach towards Sugarcane. We have done in-depth study by reading various research papers and interacting with Scientists from Sugarcane Research Institute, Coimbatore; understanding the different varieties of Sugarcane, their nutritional values, the age at which it needs to be harvested for juice consumption etc. This helped us define our “Quality Standards”  which eventually became our biggest differentiator

  1. Sourcing - Every stick of Cane is Handpicked to meet our Quality Standards

    1. Sugarcane sourced directly from curated farms

    2. Standardized quality of cane, in terms of variety, age, diameter, soil quality etc.

  • Ensuring consistent quality of cane throughout the year

  1. Transportation & Processing - Ensuring a high level of hygiene in every drop of juice

    1. Sugarcane is completely peeled to remove the dirt, dust and residue

    2. Transportation in the enclosed vehicle to prevent the exposure of sunlight, dust and pollution

  2. Production - State-of-Art Production Facility

    1. Standard Operating Procedure at all the stages of Manufacturing & Packaging

    2. Multiple Quality Checks for every batch of Production