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Not too long ago a couple driving down a dusty highway stretch on a hot and humid summer afternoon decided to refresh their parched throats. Seeing some fancy cars parked they realised the long hunt to quench their thirst was over. Slowing down they encountered a boisterous crowd of PYTs enjoying their fancy mochas and lattes. More than wanting to avoid the cacophony that accompanied the crowd the appalling thought of drinking sugar-laden artificial drinks caused them to move ahead until they heard a familiar rhythmic sound of tinker bells. Up ahead was a rustic shed where a villager was selling sugarcane juice for the odd customer who stopped by.

Milind & Kirty

Milind Datar & Kirty Datar | Founders of Canebot

The GenX couple who had tasted both the old world seasonal fresh juices as well as the newer packaged drinks instantly knew where their heart lay and stopped over at the shed. Reminiscing over their childhood days when they would eagerly wait for the summers to indulge in their favourite drink they thought of the change from when they were the same boisterous energetic crowd and how they would flock such sheds to indulge their limited pocket money into drinking as many glasses of sugarcane juice that they could afford. With the nagging question over why these upmarket fancy cafes with their Macho Ads serving sugar-laden and carbonated beverages were gaining popularity over the natural, fresh and tastier sugarcane they headed home… 


Prodding over that question they realised that Millennials skipped these sheds for the fear of being termed uncool and repulsed by the surrounding dirt, flies and the rancid smell of decaying sugarcane. “Eureka” the key to this conundrum it seemed to lay in institutionalising and revolutionising the manner in which this humble drink was served. The calling of this untreated path was so strong that they quit their cushy jobs and embarked on a mission to give Sugarcane Juice its much-deserved position in the world of beverages. They spent time travelling far and wide researching and arming themselves with technology and knowledge to transform the now snubbed Sugarcane Juice into a neat, hygienic lifestyle beverage that Millennials would want to flaunt. They knew that their success lay in getting the café crowd to get hooked on… and guess what… they caught on hook line and sinker; they realized that the real character of fresh juices like Sugarcane Juice would be the only thing that mattered in the end. 


This duo carved such a niche around sugarcane juice that even the best couldn’t ignore them…. IIM-Bangalore awarded them for their unique (ad)venture. The couple couldn’t be happier than to realize that they had succeeded in bringing this roadside drink to such a prestigious platform. Like every other fairy tale, this story was a dream come true until the calendars changed, and a vile disease brought the world to its knees and the term BC was recoined as Before Corona. 

The pandemic confined people indoors emptied hangouts and put all grandiose plans on hold. The Summer looked like it would give everyone a miss… Not ones to give up, this enterprising duo who were working on setting new benchmarks with Sugarcane Juice decided that they could not be mute spectators. They realised that the frontline warriors needed the energy that sugarcane provided and refashioned and combined two traditional beverages to create GannaPannaä. Filled and Chilled in bottles this blend of raw mangoes and sugarcane juice with its refreshing new taste was provided to those serving the city in these trying times.


While working with them it became apparent that until the magical cure arrived the only answer to surviving was to build immunity. Digging into our ancient wisdom they brought together items traditionally used in India to introduce to the world for the first time an Immunity booster powered by sugarcane juice that’s not only healthy but even tasty to consume. Sugarcane juice in this new Avatar will Refresh, Recharge & Reboot.