Entrepreneur C̶u̶s̶t̶o̶m̶e̶r̶ Is King

In today’s volatile world, an Entrepreneur is a real King; a King who is at a constant war to save his Kingdom (Venture), to save his Army (Team Members) and yet doing his best to serve his customers; whom he considers to be King. It’s time for Customers to realize this and pass on the crown to the real hero.

It takes courage for an Entrepreneur to keep going in such tough times. External environment & Government Regulations are changing at such a fast pace (it won’t be an exaggeration to say every few hours) that no ordinary Business Strategy can withstand it. It takes the Vision of a King to plan the next move. One wrong move and the survival could be at stake… yes that’s the vulnerable state of Business today; and yet an Entrepreneur makes his moves every single day and that makes him a King. While Government is focussing on larger good and is trying to save lives by prioritizing survival over economy; it’s the Entrepreneurs who are running the Nation’s Economy thereby ensuring that wheel keeps rolling.

We all have been mentored by the Management Gurus that the “Customer is King”; but doesn’t it feel outdated in the Pandemic Era? An Entrepreneur who is already bleeding profusely, yet juggling with factors like Courage, Decision, Risk, Loss, Uncertainty etc, and still not thinking of giving up; be considered to be real King?

While Entrepreneurs continue to treat customers as King, it’s time for customers to acknowledge and reciprocate. There are dozens of Management books teaching us the ways to treat Customers, here are few ways in which we as a customer could reciprocate:

1. Be accommodative – There could be delays in deliveries, a few miss-outs etc. Let’s be accommodative. They are operating out of real constraints on the streets; so that we could stay safe in our homes

2. Be generous with reviews – That’s the least we could do to help someone survive in such tough times. When we like a product/service; lets spare some time to share our reviews. Sales generated out of one positive review could help them keep the wheel rolling next month

3. Be conservative with your complaints – Yes, customer satisfaction is the most important goal for an Entrepreneur. But the number of constraints(limited raw material, limited staff, limited working hours etc.) can sometimes impact the quality. Let’s save critical comments for better times

4. Ignore Discount Codes if possible – Almost every business is offering discounts; not because they can afford to; but due to fear of incurring losses anticipated, if the material is not sold. You may choose to ignore those Coupon Codes and let the Entrepreneur sustain. Yes customer has the power and you can choose to exercise it differently!

While the Government & Large Industrial sectors define the course of economy; it’s the Entrepreneurs who lead without crown to turn the wheels of the economy with their vision, courage and Grit.

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