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Meet the Founders

Kirty and Milind Datar are an IT couple who quit their Corporate jobs and embarked on their entrepreneurial journey. ​They started with a vision to revive the dying culture of drinking Sugarcane Juice in India. Together they carved a niche in the field of Fresh Sugarcane Juice and have created India’s most diverse brand of Sugarcane Juice. After having sold more than 28 lakh glasses of Fresh Sugarcane Juice, CaneBOT has now developed a Patented Food-Robotics Solution offering Fresh & Hygienic Sugarcane Juice.


The Journey

The Big Idea

If someone could take a cup of coffee and create a CCD or Starbucks, why not Sugarcane Juice?

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Packaging for Pandemic

Launched Sugarcane Juice Blends in Packaged Form for a limited period

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Sugarcane Juice in Corporates

Opened Fresh Sugarcane Juice Outlets in Corporate Cafeterias like Infosys, Wipro, TCS, CTS etc. Sold over 28 Lakh glasses

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Scaling with Technology

Developed India’s First Fresh Sugarcane Juice ROBOT offering high-quality Sugarcane Juice in utmost hygienic conditions


Our Vision

To revive the dying culture of drinking Fresh Sugarcane Juice in India.


Our Mission

To revolutionise Sugarcane Juice and make it a Lifestyle Beverage through Continuous Research & Innovation driven by Cutting-Edge Technology.


Our Purpose

Create a Positive Impact on the Health of Consumers 

Elevate the Socio-Economic condition of Farmers

Generate wealth for people on this journey with us.

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