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India’s 1st Sugarcane Juice Robot

Hygienic and Untouched Sugarcane Juice

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The New Techie
in Town

Introducing CaneBOT®, India’s 1st Fresh Sugarcane Juice ROBOT offering high-quality Sugarcane Juice in the utmost hygienic conditions. Where Culture meets Technology. Unique Features:


Freshly Crushed,
On-demand & Hygienic Sugarcane Juice at the click of a button


Multiple Flavours to choose from like Lemon, Ginger, and many more flavours


No operator required. This is a Self-operated Kiosk


All Digital Payments


Self-Cleaning Mechanism


Cloud Connectivity for a seamless Customer Experience


We put our 100%
in everything we do

100% Healthy
There’s nothing more satisfying than a chilled glass of sugarcane juice during your rush hours. CaneBOT promises 0% storage of crushed juice. Every single drop of sugarcane juice is freshly crushed on-demand & hygienic. Sugarcane sticks are stored in the Machine and are freshly crushed only when an order is received. We offer a variety of flavours that deliciously go with Sugarcane juice.


100% Fresh

Sugarcane Juice is an instant energiser. Sugarcane Juice is very healthy & has loads of medicinal properties. CaneBOT adds health to your busy routine with fresh Sugarcane Juice on the go. One glass of Sugarcane Juice every day enhances liver function, eases the digestive system, aids the development of bones and teeth, and is a solid energy booster. CaneBOT assures completely Untouched & Hygienic Juice.

100% Digital

CaneBOT is India’s 1st Fully Automatic Sugarcane Juice Robot. Backed by high-end technology expertise, we provide multiple payment options and all payments are secure. All our BOTs are easy, user-friendly & super efficient - enabled to place orders 24x7. All orders are cashless and one glass of fresh sugarcane juice is prepared in less than 30 seconds.



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CaneBOT is all set to the revolutionise

natural beverages sector.

Join us, as we create many

more milestones

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